July 1, 2018

You know when you have one of those days where you’re like, “I got this. I’m going to get stuff done. Today is going to be super productive,” and then you do one thing and you’re like, “I’m exhausted. That was enough effort for today”???

That was me. That was definitely me. I went to a backyard party/lunch thing and after an hour or two, I told everyone that I needed to leave so I could head home and get some work done. I made this huge deal out of leaving to go work – “No, guys, if I don’t work on this, I’ll keep putting it off, and it’ll never get done.”

I have to go work. 30 minutes later, I was home, on the couch, watching Gilmore Girls and eating chips. I really did have the best of intentions to get work done. I really did leave so I could be productive. But then I got home and it just felt like I’d expended all the energy I had being social and also, they were very convincing when they said I could do it later. It didn’t convince me to stay and hang out with them, but it did convince me once I got home that I could just let that whole getting things done concept go and relax instead. I fully embraced the notion that I had done all I could do (by 2 PM). So pathetic.

Day 21 – Unproductive. Procrastinating.

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