June 16, 2018

I did an Escape Room tonight. The fact that I’m trying to literally escape my life is not lost on me. We did not succeed, which cuts me to my very core. I’m unfathomably competitive and more than slightly controlling, so it wasn’t easy for me to “fail.” Plus, I’d just love to have some wins these days, you know? I’d love to just win. A lot. At everything. Skee-Ball? I want to win at that. Bowling? I want to win at that. Escape rooms? My career? Getting my dream job? Family? Finding a parking place near where I’m going? Life? I’d like to win at all of these things.

The theme was Master of Illusion. A magic theme. It was awesome in that sense and not awesome in the other sense, the one where they had a word translated from Russian to English incorrectly so it gave us the wrong instruction so we couldn’t get that part of the clue correct. I’m not bitter. You’re bitter. (Also, I’m bitter.)

I just wanted to succeed, you know? Sometimes I just want to succeed. Even a dumb, small, nonsense success would be nice for a change. I am in desperate need of a few things going right – including but not limited to when I got breakfast with friends today and they were out of every single thing I tried to order and then didn’t bring me the one thing they said they had. By the end of breakfast, I still hadn’t gotten it, so I gave up. I failed at ordering breakfast. I should’ve known it was a stay-home-and-curl-up-in-a-ball kind of day.

Also, I was brushing my teeth with an electric toothbrush and took it out of my mouth for some unknown reason while it was still going and all of the toothpaste vibrated off the brush onto my shirt. And neck. So my once gray shirt is now completely speckled with white toothpaste. Which I tried to wipe off and consequently spread all over into larger, more permanent stains.

Day Six – World 5, Me 0.

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